Clamp Together Duct – The Amazingly Adjustable Duct

Kim Williams | June 27, 2017

The Benefits of an Adjustable Duct Product

Clamp Together Duct, also called rolled-lip duct, has distinct advantages over tradition ductwork – flange connected, welded together and spiral duct. These advantages fall mainly in the category of SPEED. The clamp together connections allow for an estimated 70% faster installation than traditional methods. However, the main reason for this speed isn’t just the clamping connections, it is the ease and flexibility of utilizing the adjustable sleeve.
The heart of the clamp together system is the ability to cut the pipe and incorporate either an 11” adjustable sleeve or a standard fitting to receive that cut end of pipe. Once the pipe is slid into the sleeve or the fitting to create the length needed, the standard clamp secures the pipe to the rolled lip of the sleeve or fitting by clamping it an O-ring. Precision cutting is not needed.


The 11” adjustable sleeve is typically used when installing or modifying an existing duct system. The sleeve’s interior diameter is slightly larger than the OD of the standard pipe, so once a section of pip is cut close to the length needed, the sleeve slides over the cut end of the pipe and offers a telescoping capability to ensure the exact fit between components. As mentioned above, each of the clamp together fittings have a rolled-lip collar that works as a mini-sleeve to allow for a few inches of adjustment, as well.

Watch the video above for details, or visit the Clamp Together Duct section of our website for more information.