Diverter Valves Are Not All The Same

Kim Williams | July 6, 2017

Not all diverter valves are the same.

When it comes to directing air flow, most systems utilize gates, cut-offs, butterfly valves and diverter valves. While all of these components are good – in one way or another – for regulating air flow, the most robust of the options is a quality diverter valve.

Diverter valves are primarily used by customers wanting to …well…divert material as well as air between two different locations. For example, the wood industry has often used them to direct collected chip that is being blown into one of two trucks, When one truck is full the diverter valve is shifted and the chip is blown into the other. But the paper industry also uses them to ‘pull’ between two different location. While this all could be accomplished using a branch and a series of gates or auto gates, the diverter valve is much of much heavier construction- (1/4″ steel body) and able to sustain multiple and rapid transitions with heavy material that can cause problems with gates.

Automatic Diverter Valve


The US Duct Diverter valve has notched floor to allow the diverter plate (usually a heavy gauge metal) to recess and provide a seamless seal preventing debris from building up under the plate.

Diverter Valve Dimensions


Diverter Valve











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