Duct Hangers - It's Your Hang Up

Kim Williams | August 10, 2015

Duct hangers are often the last and always important part of your successful industrial duct system installation. What’s your hang up?

US Duct makes a full line of hangers and accessories for your industrial ductwork needs.

Most installations need a variety of hangers depending on the application, surroundings and/or individual site limitations. We have a standard hanger to accomplish almost every job and deliver the right result. However, if you need something unique or extraordinary, let us know. We can make it for you.


Duct Hangers

Available Ductwork Hangers

Teardrop hangers – Offer stability and ease of installation with only one connection fitting. The tear-drop design makes installing and hanging a variety of duct simple.

Saddle hangers – A sturdy, vertically and horizontally stable option, sometimes called a “pipe hanger,” is typically attached to rods or angel supports. This installation provides excellent support and security of the ductwork system. Saddle hangers usually take a bit longer to position and install, so they are often used in conjunction with other hangers.

Cable hangers – Often called ‘trapeze’ or gripple hangers, cable hangers are fast and easy. The cables are secured by Gripple style clamps and suspend the duct in a ‘trapeze-like’ hammock. This option is most often used in conjunction with other more stable hangers as it offerings little horizontal support, but they are fast to install!

Fast lock hangers – A great option for hanging clamp together duct. The bracket slides under the clamp, over the rolled lip of the duct and is secured when the clamp is locked. Sturdy, easy to install and offers flexibility of support.

Clamp Hanger – A lighter weight version of the fast lock hanger that is composed of a smaller bracket that attaches to the clamp. (not pictured)

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Ductwork Hanger Installation Considerations

System Application – What product are you conveying through the duct system? Heavier by products like wood chips and metal particles generate much more turbulence in the system and added weight. Consider the need for added stability and strength for heavier applications. Applications involving mist and fumes will require less ‘work’ from your duct hangers. Remember to calculate for the possible build-up of material inside the duct in the event of sub-par system performance or failure.

Attachment points – What surfaces and connection options are available for securing hangers? Tracks, beams, joists, rods? Are these attachment points able to withstand the load of duct WITH material inside? Do you need to add structural supports and/or duct stands?

Authorities Having Local Jurisdiction – What are the local codes and how are certifications or standards such as SMACNA applicable to your duct hangers and overall system installation?

Engineering Specifications – Duct hangers should always be installed according to any engineering specifications that are applicable or have been provided for your system. Do you have engineering specifications to serve as a guide?

Let us help!  US Duct designs and fabricates ALL industrial duct components in any style- flanged, clamp together, spiral or raw end. We specialize in fast answers, quick quotes, and VERY fast deliveries. We focus on solutions pertinent to the need of the customer and project. We offer the greatest knowledge base on duct design, duct fabrication, and sheet metal mechanics. While we would like to say we have seen it all, the truth is we have seen a lot but more importantly, we know how to address what we haven’t seen. If you have questions about duct hangers or your overall ductwork system, please give us a call. You’ll like the way we do duct!