Large Item Fabrication!

Kim Williams | July 13, 2015

large sheet metal fabricationUS Duct Does Large Item Fabrication

Yes! We fabricate large and custom designed products. At US Duct, we are a full service fabrication shop, YOUR Personal Fabrication Shop, working with sheet metal – Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Carbon – from lighter gauges and up to ¼” thickness.

US-Duct is located in 34,000 square foot facility and is completely equipped with EVERY machine and process required to produce a quality product:

  • 100 ton Wysong Press
  • 10’ Wysong ¼” shear
  • Recon Plasma Table
  • 5’ Wysong Roll
  • 62” – ¼” Roll
  • 62” WDM 4-roll Computerized Roll
  • Various small rolls
  • 6’ Jet-Line welder
  • Kingland 50 ton “iron worker”
  • 50 ton forming press
  • 25 ton forming press
  • 75 ton OBI Punch Press
  • Plus – Welders, cranes, spot welders, flangers, beading machines, pan brakes, finger brakes, band saws, drill presses, seamers…you get the idea. We’re equipped!

Decades of Skill – Our fabricating employees are experienced in all sheet metal fabrication techniques. Their experience ranges from 18 years to 6 years. All are ‘masters’ at their profession and are concerned that each US Duct customer get the very best.

Got a large item fabrication challenge or a tough design project?  Let us put our skills, equipment and desire to serve to work for YOU!