Now! A Tighter Duct Option

Kim Williams | December 6, 2017

A Tighter Clamp Connection Duct Option

Less customer complaints!

⇒When you have no leakage and the ease of a clamp together product, your customers have less post installation needs, are happy and more likely to call you for the next job. You save money by eliminating follow-up adjustments and fixes.

Ease of installation.

⇒The Clamp-Connect system offers speed and ease of installation AND you can make temporary field adjustments using the adjustable sleeve. Need to move a machine or the collector? The Clamp-Connect system is easily adaptable – now and in the future!

The Seal of Flanges…in a Clamp-Connect Duct!

No tricks or modifications needed!

⇒Unlike other clamping duct systems, the US Tubing Clamp-Connect system is designed to be leak-free, airtight from the start. You don’t need to add caulk or tape to seal the joints. Plus, the connections are tighter and stronger than regular clamped duct, preventing bowing and gaping at the joints.

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