Spark Trap — A Welcomed Addition

Kim Williams | April 20, 2015

Spark trap! An affordable, useful solution!

First there was a PROBLEM: Sparks and embers can make their way through duct and create flame and explosion hazards. In addition to the highly regulated and costly flame prevention and extinguishing systems offered, the industry needed a simple and cost effective means of reducing sparks from grinding, welding, and cutting applications so as to protect the worker as well as the existing dust collection system. Many collectors have caught on fire over the years due to the absence of some kind of method of reducing the sparks. Many times, protection was left off due to cost – very few ductwork suppliers have the ability to handle both design and fabrication work in-house, and the typically high price of spark coolers reflected this.

Now there is a SOLUTION: As one of the most versatile and experienced sheet metal fabrication companies in the country, US Duct was uniquely positioned to provide a solution. By blending our knowledge of air flow dynamics and years of experience, we’re proud to offer a high quality, cost effective spark trap that can reduce the risk of fire in many industrial applications.

Find out more by visiting the Spark Trap page on our website or see the US Duct Spark Trap in action by watching the video below.