A Spiral Duct Alternative?

Kim Williams | May 5, 2016

Consider Clamp Together Duct as a Possible Alternative to Spiral Duct

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Spiral duct has been around a long time and if you have used it regularly, you are likely comfortable with the benefits – or at least the apparent benefits of spiral duct for industrial applications. Recently, US Duct has received a number of inquiries from contractors and reps looking for something to substitute for traditional spiral duct for such applications as dust, fume, mist and particle collection. As we have worked through these conversations, we have discoverd several reasons that – when considering the entire job – Clamp Together Duct might just be a better solution.

Spiral duct is an often specified and commonly known duct pipe style. As the name implies, the duct is formed by spiraling and locking strips of metal together to form a continuous piece. This forming method enables the manufacturer to produce various lengths of duct in less time, creating a duct that is typically less expensive than duct formed by rolling sheets. Yet, when considering ductwork options for your customers and looking at the entirety of the project from design, manufacturing, shipping, installation and ongoing maintenance, spiral duct may not be the best solution. Consider the information below and the possible alternative of Clamp Together Duct as a better solution.

As with many products that look cheaper on the surface…