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Clamp Together Duct Adjustability!

Simple Steps for infinite adjustability and fast, easy installation.


Follow these simple steps or Watch The Video to see how Clamp Together Duct is infinitely adjustable using the adjustable sleeve. (Adjustable collars instructions below)

  1. Measure the length of pipe that you need to make. For example, if you need 7' of pipe between two branches. As the standard pipe is 5' in length, you will need a 5' section and a two foot length. Therefore,
  2. Take a 5' section (1) and cut it slightly shorter than you need (2a). In this case where we need 24", cut it around  20-22" long. (You can use a sawzall, nibblers  or a grinding wheel.)
  3. Remove any sharp edges.
  4. Take the cut piece of pipe and slide into the adjustable sleeve.(2b)
  5. Slide the sleeve up and down on the pipe until the assembly is the length that you desire.
  6. Roll the O-ring (comes with the sleeve) off the sleeve and onto the pipe and then roll it up against the rolled lip of the sleeve and clamp. (3 is the completed assembly.)

    NOTE: If the pipe assembly is too long or too short, un-clamp, adjust and re-clamp.


Sometimes you may need a length of pipe shorter than 11". The sleeve is 11" long and therefore not able to be used to make a 4" piece- as an example. Therefore follow these steps.

  1. Measure the length that you need.
  2. Cut an end off a 5' section of pipe- 2" LONGER than you need.
  3. Debur the pipe end.
  4. Take an O-ring (must be ordered additionally as it only comes standard with the 11" sleeve) and put it onto the cut end of the pipe.
  5. Slide the pipe into the collar and roll the o-ring up against the rolled lip of the fitting.
  6. Clamp

NOTE: Adjustability using the collar is limited to the distance that the cut pipe will slide into the fitting.

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How to Install & Adjust the Clamp Together Duct


How to Install & Adjust the Clamp Together Duct

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