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It Is As Easy As 1-2-3...4


1.   Get a Duct Guy - Contact US Duct and we'll answer the phone (no voicemail jail). Talk to a seasoned duct professional. Get expert help and more duct options than anyone else can offer. Have a drawing and need a take-off? Need a drawing and specifications? We'll handle it. Depending on the project scope, we can even provide you with an online 3D drawing to share with your customer!

2.   Get the sale - We provide you with detailed quotes, FAST! Plus, we'll even help you present it to your customer and provide you with all of the literature and support materials that you need to make the sale.


3.   Get duct - Approve the quote and tell us when you need it shipped. We ship based on your schedule, not ours. Benefit from our 7-step quality checks. Get complete packing lists, shipping updates and installations sheets.

4.   Get paid - We ship your duct with everything your customer needs to get it done-so you get paid: Installation instructions, drawings and support phone numbers. No ugly ducting, just quality duct. We'll commission you or bill you for the resale (Just pay based on predetermined terms).


The principles, Steve McDaniel and David Kennedy, have been in the industry, fabricating duct and developing solutions for over 25 years-each. They have vast experience and knowledge of the industry when it comes to fabrication practices- particularly of Clamp Together Duct. Their goal is to provide the industry with a Quality product, Delivered Quickly. As a privately held LLC, they are positioned to eliminate overhead and deliver with the BEST Price. 

US-Duct is located in 34,000 square foot facility and is completely equipped with EVERY machine and process required to produce a quality product, including brakes, shears, multiple rolls, beaders, line welders, iron workers, saws and plasma table. 

Our fabricating employees are extensively experienced in sheet metal fabrication techniques. Their experience ranges from 18 years to 6 years. All are 'masters' at their profession and are concerned that each US Duct customer gets the very best, free of hassles and surprises. 

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