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Simply: Quick Delivery | Quick Quotes | Quick Service - At Competitive Prices

US Duct is built for speed. We understand that there are times when you needed it yesterday, and that the lack of a single piece of ductwork can stop your entire operation. We can't do yesterday, but we maintain production to have the capability to ship to you quickly, sometimes as quick as the same day. Our schedule is based on when you need it. 

US Duct designs and fabricates ALL industrial duct components in any style- flanged, clamp together, spiral or raw end. We specialize in fast answers, quick quotes, and VERY fast deliveries. We focus on solutions pertinent to the need of the customer and project. We offer the greatest knowledge base on duct design, duct fabrication, and sheet metal mechanics. While we would like to say we have seen it all, the truth is we have seen a lot but more importantly, we know how to address what we haven’t seen.

All of this and with the promise of FIRST CLASS SERVICE! 

What Does First Class Service Mean? 

  • We pick up the phone every time you call.
  • We take the time to learn about your project and specify the best product to meet your needs.
  • We will handle the takeoff for you.
  • We ensure accurate delivery by personally inspecting your order before it ships.
  • We will make sure your order gets to you on time, and be standing by to answer any questions once it gets to you.

Great service isn't a privilege, it's a right.


The principles, Steve McDaniel and David Kennedy, have been in the industry, fabricating duct and developing solutions for over 25 years-each. They have THE MOST knowledge of anyone in the industry when it comes to fabrication practices- particularly of Clamp Together Duct. Their goal is to provide the industry with a Quality product, Delivered Quickly. As a privately held LLC, they are positioned to eliminate overhead and deliver with the BEST Price. 

US-Duct is located in 34,000 square foot facility and is completely equipped with EVERY machine and process required to produce a quality product, including brakes, shears, multiple rolls, beaders, line welders, iron workers, saws and plasma table. 

Our fabricating employees are experienced in all sheet metal fabrication techniques. Their experience ranges from 18 years to 6 years. All are 'masters' at their profession and are concerned that each US Duct customer get the very best. 


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