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Dust Collection in a Shot Blasting Facility

Redesigning & Building a New System

Shotblasting is a widely used method of cleaning and strengthening metal, where abrasives are sprayed onto a component at an extremely high velocity. The process creates significant particulate, both from the abrasive being used as well as the blasted material. Since shotblasting is used across many industries and in various applications, many shotblasting facilities deal with contaminate that may be toxic, corrosive, or explosive in nature. A properly designed and implemented dust collection system for shotblasting facilities is therefore critical in order to maintain a safe environment and high quality production. 

Recently, US Duct worked with a client that specializes in shotblasting using various components. While going through a facility expansion, the client had added new equipment, removed other equipment, and dramatically reorganized the layout of their workspace to the point that their existing dust collection system was no longer performing at the right level. A closer inspection of the client's current setup revealed that while the collector had plenty of capacity, the ducting was no longer sized or routed correctly for the new machinery and layout. 

Working with Collectors & Filters (a US Duct dealer), the US Duct team drew up and sized the proposed design, then worked with the dealer and client to make modifications to ensure the best possible performance.

shotblasting dust collection system

Additionally, the client had an existing spark trap in place, but had concerns that it was not designed properly. After talking with our design team and watching the video of the spark trap in action, they decided to add it to the system for security.

After implementation, the client's new equipment was able to operate at full capacity, with environmental contaminates now being safely captured with reduced explosion risk, thanks to their new dust collection system and spark trap.

shot blasting dust collection 1
shot blasting dust collection 5
shot blasting dust collection 2
shot blasting dust collection 6
shot blasting dust collection 3
shot blasting dust collection 4

US Duct has the experience and knowledge to design and build ductwork systems tailored to clients' exact application and specifications. Our custom duct design services are provided for free on 90% of our jobs. To get started, try out our online duct layout planner or contact us today to speak with a ductwork design specialist.

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