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Patented Spark Trap Success Case Study

A Simple & Vital Solution!

The Problem: US Duct was contacted by Engineered Air Systems in need of an Industrial duct system for a client in the metal equipment manufacturing industry who was looking for a reliable and affordable way to reduce the spark and fire hazard of exhaust from a laser cutting table. 

The Solution: Based on the location, application and size of duct (14”) needed, US Duct recommended a custom designed US Duct system including a patented* Spark Trap (with a grit drop out trap) placed inline between the cutting table and a Grecon fire protection system. The result is a simple, affordable solution that reduces spark and particulate in the duct prior to engaging the Grecon system.

“I was surprised at how much grit was in the bucket. 

There's a Grecon system just past the trap & it has not activated. It's been running about two months.”
-Val Argyle, Engineered Air Systems

Working with Engineered Air Systems, the US Duct team drew up and sized the proposed design, then worked with the dealer and client to make modifications to ensure the best possible performance. The result? A very satisfied customer and their client!

Spark Trap U.S. Duct

Considering a Spark trap? Try watching the video of the spark trap in action, then decide. 

Spark Trap Patent 10,119,443

Spark Trap Installation
Spark Trap Installation

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