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This Independence Day and Month we are celebrating our commitment to our customers and their freedom from worry. As American Owned and Made Company, our craftsmanship and dedication to our customers exceeds all others.If you are like us then you are tired of empty promises about quality, delivery, service and price and you are looking for someone that takes ownership. At US Duct, each employee has a mindset of personal ownership. When you talk to a person at US Duct, you are talking to someone that has made the commitment to make sure we set legitimate expectations for you and then work hard to EXCEED them! 

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US Duct provides all of these and more and does it - QUICK!

QUICK QUOTES - We'll never keep you waiting! Just provide us with a copy of the drawings or a list of what you need and we'll get you a quote back QUICK In hours..not days. All custom branded to you!

QUICK SERVICE - We'll never leave you in voicemail! Call US Duct and get an real, informed and helpful representative. We'll address your questions, offer experience based consulting and get you a quote quickly.

QUICK DELIVERY - We'll fabricate your order quickly and get it delivered to you ON TIME or AHEAD of TIME! No excuses. 

QUICK DESIGNS - Need help with a system design? We will create a drawing in DuctQuote for you and even present it to you and/or your customer!

Featured Product

"We do ALL products quick! You have our word on it!" 

- Steve McDaniel, President

- David Kennedy, Vice President, US Duct.


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