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industrial ductwork fittingsUS Duct offers a full line of fittings to use in the development of a complete duct system. ALL fittings are offered in both Flanged and Clamp Together ducting. Additionally, US Duct offers the fitting in gauges from 10- 22 gauge, and in galvanized and SS 304 and SS 316. 

Duct Elbows - A complete line of elbow to fit the application. From stitch welded light gauge for air/fume applications, to standard gauge segmented elbows for normal dust, to tubed elbows for air tight applications to heavy gauge welded elbow for heavy dust or heavy pressures and all the way to flat back elbows with a replaceable AR back-plate for VERY heavy chips.

Duct Branches - From standard single and double branches in any degree, to in-cuts, to special designed multiple branch manifolds for special application, US Duct branches are rugged and degreed.

Duct Adapters - Whether you are adapting to an existing duct of any kind, to a flex hose, or to a machine equipped with metric openings, US Duct will provide you with a fitting for the application.

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