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Duct Elbows

duct elbowsUS Duct provides duct elbows that fit EVERY application from our standard segmented/gored elbows to one piece light gauge economical elbows for light dust collection -to air tight elbows for wet applications- to heavy gauge welded elbows for abrasive applications to Flat-Back elbows with removable/replaceable AR plate for 'very' abrasive applications. Our standard duct elbow radii are 1.5 and 2.5 x D but we can make any radii needed. 

Segmented Elbows ,also known as "gored" or "gored segmented" elbows, are join togther either mechanically or by welding. Using the mechanical method, up to 18 gauge steel can be utilized; heavier gauge metals must have the segments welded together. US Duct has a complete line of segmented elbows in all gauges and radii, and galvanized, stainless steel and carbon steel forms.

Stitch Welded Elbows ,or "stitched halves", are galvanized metal elbows that are stamped out using mechanical presses and forming dies, resulting in a very tight elbow. The stamping process does limit the gauges that can be used with this kind of elbow, so when using larger sizes, the application should be limited to light dust or air.

Tubed Duct Elbows are an excellent choice for paper trim and oil mist applications, because they have no seam. Instead, these galvanized or stainless steel elbows are mechanically bent, resulting in a non-seamed tubing that can be fitted with a rolled-lipped collar or an angle ring flange.



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