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Segmented Elbows

Gored-Segmented-ElbowUS Duct has a full line of elbows in galvanized, SS and carbon steel in ALL duct gauges and radii. Segmented elbows are a main category of these elbows. 

Also known as 'Gored', 'Gored Segmented' elbows. Essentially the name says it all. These are segments that are then joined together by welding or mechanically. The mechanical method incorporates a machine that forms the ends of the segments (gores), so that one segment fits into the other and then mechanically locks them together. Because the metal is being formed, 18 gauge is the heaviest metal for this mechanical locking method. Heavier gauge metal require that the segments be welded.

Because the segment geometry controls the final geometry, these elbows are available in any degree and any radius*.  

The ends of the elbow can be fitted with flanges or rolled lips or left raw for welding.

*Radius means the height of the elbow and is a direct reference to the length of sweep- an important factor when considering the impact of air flow, static pressure and wear. Typical radii are  1xD (short radius), 1.5xD (Standard Radius) and 2.5xD (Long Radius).  A 1.5xD radius means that the a 4" dia. elbow has a 6" (1.5x4) radius. Another way to think of this is to set a 90 degree elbow on the floor and measure from the floor to the center line of the elbow. (Be sure to subtract any straight portion of the elbow.) Divide this height by the diameter and you have the radius. 


Segmented Duct Elbows - Gored Segmented Elbows

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