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Types of Industrial Ductwork

Flanged Duct - Flanged duct refers more to the joining method than the actual duct. Flanges (aka angle rings or mating flanges) are rolled angle iron with specifically punched holes. Bolts are used to 'pull' the flanges together. Flanges and the duct are available in all sizes- 3" and up, in black iron, galvanized or SS. The duct fabrication and welding is based upon the customer's need and request. There are several options for affixing the flange to the duct. Learn more about flange joining.

Clamp Together Duct - US Duct's Clamp Together system utilizes a rolled lip that is formed on the end of all parts. The lips (think small version of a 55 gal barrel)of the mating parts are joined together with a gasketed, over-center clamp. The clamp pulls the ends together and envelopes them inside the sealing gasket. ALL parts and special  hoods are available with rolled lip.The duct is available in galvanized or SS and in most gauges (depending upon diameter). Using the combination of a separate 11" long adjustable sleeve and/or the integral adjustable collar on each fitting, the US Duct Clamp Together system is infinitely adjustable.  This feature along with the clamp enables the novice or the professional to reduce installation time by 70%.

Spiral Ducts - Spiral ducting is inexpensive and a great consideration for long runs of ducting. It is a definite consideration where in sizes between 16" and 36" where there are long runs with few fittings.

Airtight Tubing Ducts - Providing the tight seal of flange connections and the convenience of Clamp Together Duct, Tubing Duct offers fully welded construction and vanstone-gasket and clamp connecting system that creates a totally leak free duct system for those applications that cannot have leakage: Oil Mist, positive pressure systems, food processing and many more.

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