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Spiral Ducting

US Duct is your COMPLETE ducting source. Spiral is an intricate part of that complete offering.

Each duct type has it's advantages. 

Flanged duct can be made in heavy gauges and the flanges (especially welded and gasketed flanges) provide a very tight and rigid seal.

Clamp Together duct is fast, adjustable and easy to install. Even the novice can make a great installation quickly. 

Spiral duct is inexpensive and a great consideration for long runs of ducting. It is a definite consideration in sizes between 16" and 36" where there are long runs with few fittings. 

Combining these three different duct types affords the end user to get the best system for the best price. 

Looking for an alternative to Spiral? Check out our Clamp Together Ducts.

Spiral Duct

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