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3D Ductwork Design Service

3D Ductwork DesignImagine that you could walk around your facility and see the duct system BEFORE you buy. Well with US Duct you actually can. By incorporating our interactive 3D design service, Google Sketch-up and  the online conferencing capability of Citrix’s GoToMeeting, we will take your building dimensions, machine placement, air requirements, and dust collector specifications and turn it all into a simple duct system that you can review with us BEFORE you buy. This helps you think through your needs, the equipment and addresses issues up front- not after you get the duct. 

Some of the common benefits of our online design review:

  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Verify final component lists
  • Consider alternative designs and/or products
  • Save time from back and forth calls and email conversations


Theme colors


Skin Layout

  • Opened
  • Border
  • Boxed


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