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DuctQuote - 3D Duct Drawing, Quoting and Presentation Software Tools!

"US-Duct’s new design program recently helped us get a deal for a massive, multi-zone project. The layout/drawing the program creates is visually impressive yet still easy to present to the customer, easy to modify, and the itemized quotes are straightforward and cleanly presented." -Jenny B. Boshco-Dustek

DuctQuote is a new, web–based drawing and estimating program. 

With the launch of our new program, we hope to enable Industrial Ducting professionals to dramatically reduce system design and installation time. 

  • Draws 3D systems
  • Calculates air flow
  • Generates custom quotes - Your Logo and Info
  • Creates parts list and install order documents

Users can access DuctQuote to design dust/mist/fume collection systems at a rate of 20 machine connections per hour.  Because the program is web based, users can login from any browser using their unique user ID and password.

Simple Duct Sizing Software

Users simply draw in the duct path and input the desired velocity and CFM.  Then the program sizes the duct, generates a quote including parts list and pricing, and also calculates pressure loss.  The program allows users to send customers realistic, interactive 3D drawings that help close jobs.  And finally, 3D drawing software automatically produces a detailed 3D drawing with corresponding parts list to save time and money during installation.  All projects are stored online for future user access and edits.

The program works with US Duct’s clamp-together ducting system and US Tubing and is available for free to qualified US Duct customers. To learn more, contact US Duct at, or visit


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