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Industrial Duct Design

Ductwork System Design for Industrial Facilities

ductwork design softwareUS Duct has years of experience in providing industrial duct design, with ductwork systems built to suit your specific application and needs. You want all the right duct, clamps, collectors, flanges, and blast gates at your disposal before the installation of your ductwork begins. That requires knowledge and experience in industrial ductwork system design and professional delivery of an exceptional air system.

The term industrial duct typically refers to ducting used under negative pressure (suction) for the removal of fugitive dust or fume generated during the production process. Designing a system that handles particulate matter requires a different set of engineering parameters compared to a typical HVAC (or "conditioning") duct system. US Duct understands these requirements and works with clients across multiple industries in order to design and deploy a system suited to their exact needs.

Ductwork Design Services

Using your building measurements, required pick-up points, placementDuctwork Design services of machines throughout the facility as well as your air requirements, we'll provide you with a layout that you can interactively "walk through" and approve or modify before purchase.  Using Duct Quote, you can see the layout of the air system in your facility. If you forgot an important detail or want to add new machinery once the sketch is submitted, apply it or have us add it.

US Duct makes it quick and easy for you to get professional industrial duct design as well as a reliable air system and components for your facility. To get started now, visit our Layout Planner & submit your dimensions, or contact us today to learn more.       

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