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Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication

Over the years, we here at US Duct have developed two very unique areas of expertise in the duct fabrication arena. The first is our ability to work with customers to identify their specific collection needs and design & build custom ductwork based on these requirements. The second area of expertise stems from the first, in that we have learned to take these individual solutions and develop standardized products that can address the majority of similar problems. For example, our oil mist accumulator was designed for a major car company years ago to help them address a problem with collecting large amounts of oil/affluent during the grinding of their cam shafts. Now we offer that solution as a standard product.

Whether you are looking for sheet metal duct fabrication options or more customized duct fabrication services, our team of experts is ready to find the solution for you! With a focus on delivering high quality products built exactly to the specifications of our customers, we have a history of solving problems and leaving our customers satisfied.

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