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Explosion Isolation Valves


One of the toughest, certified and capable back-blast valves on the market! This Flap Valve, otherwise called a back blast valve or isolation valve, is a NFPA 69 compliant passive flap style isolation valve. When a dust explosion begins to propagate down a duct line the flap valve automatically closes from the pressure of the explosion. The flap valve remains shut and is designed to prevent any flame from further propagation. 

An explosion is not limited to a single element and process, even when protective measures such as the installation of explosion vents have been made, it can spread to other facilities via its filter inlet ductwork. The propagation of an explosion down such ductwork can lead to disastrous events. Normally a single filter serves to extract dust from more than one location hence many plant items could be effected and damaged by an explosion within the filter unit.

An Explosion Protection Solution

An Explosion Isolation Valve is certified as an explosion isolation device according to the Directive 94/9/EC and in conformity to the EN16447:2014 standard. It is totally autonomous and must be installed on a horizontal pipe at a specific distance from the volume that is being protected.

How Explosion Flap Valves Operate

In normal operation the damper blade is floating and therefore maintained opened by the air flow. When the process is stopped, the blade falls under the influence of its own weight and the valve is in the closed position. If during the running process, an explosion occurs behind the valve, the air flow is immediately reversed by the increase in pressure and the pressure wave will close the damper blade and isolate the filter unit from the rest of the installation to ensure that upstream equipment is not damaged.

Main characteristics of this explosion isolation valve

  • Available from DN160 to DN700 (see chart below).
  • For metallic and non-metallic dusts
  • Automatic locking of the valve in the closed position in the
    event of an explosion.
  • Finished painted steel or stainless steel.
  • Pred max 0,50 bar
  • Kst max 400 bar.m/s
  • NFPA 69 compliant design
  • EN 16447 approved

Flap Valve Options

  • Micro-switch shut down system
  • Dust level sensor
  • Control panel for sensor power and integration

isolation valve diagram

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