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Oil Mist Collection

US DUCT addresses two prevalent problems in the collection of 'oil' mist and grindings.

PROBLEM 1: Today's OiI Mist applications face challenges in collecting the mist and grinding particulate WHILE NOT collecting so much effluent that the collector is rendered ineffective.
SOLUTION: US Duct's Oil Mist Accumulator offers a simple and cost effective means of controlling the volume of mist at the source. 

PROBLEM 2: Because of unique and unusual pick-up placement and overhead constraints, most final connections to the milling center is made with a flex hose. THIS ALWAYS LEAKS. The resulting leaks eventually puddle on top of the machine, run down the side and puddle on the floor creating unsightly messes (and more importantly) safety hazards.
SOLUTION: US Duct's Oil Mist Curbs provide a simple and cost effective means of containing the liquid that ALWAYS escapes around the flex hose. 


Eliminate Spills & Buildup with our Oil Mist Accumulator

Anyone that has designed and/or installed fume/mist extraction for an oil mist application knows the frustration of installing the system and then seeing oil collect at the top of the machine or worse, run down the side of the machine onto the floor. The problem is the fact that the flex hose is so hard to connect to the machine. You simply can't get the worm clamp tight enough to seal and putting the hose 'into' the pickup is not the answer.

US Duct has the solution for the problem in the form of an oil mist collector. How does it stop the leak from the flex hose? It doesn't. You can't. But what you can do is collect the oil before it becomes a problem and let it drain back into the machine.

The US Duct Oil Mist Accumulator, is attached to the unit as a standard adapter or as a flange adapter. The flex hose attaches to the top with a worm clamp. As the oil leaks (and it will) it leaks into a curb that is fully welded around the diameter of the unit. Weep holes are drilled around the inside parameter where the curb meets the adapter. As the oil collects it 'weeps' back into the machine.

Installing a oil mist eliminator is a simple way to make sure the job remains clean - and successful.


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