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Oil Mist Accumulator

PROBLEM: Today's high speed cutters require a continuous and voluminous stream of effluent to cool and remove the 'chip'. This large amount of fluid, combined with the aggressive location of the extraction ports, means that large amounts of effluent are sucked into the collection system, often jeopardizing the efficiency of the collector by 'drowning' the media.

SOLUTION: US DUCT's Oil Mist Accumulator reduces the initial amount of effluent at the source, allowing the collector to do it's final job of scrubbing the air.

HOW? A series of mesh 3 cones (more in extreme cases) sits in a expansion chamber which is sized to reduce the air speed by half. Then the cones, placed in direction of the air stream (see picture) provide a surface on which the liquid can accumulate and agglomerate into a liquid stream that runs down the surface of the cone. This migration of liquid is made possible by the agglomeration AND the slower air stream.  When the liquid reaches the edges of the cones, it drops into the sump below. (The sump is created by extending the inlet into the chamber.) There the liquid returns DIRECTLY to the machining center through a hose that is sized for the amount of fluid.

Oil mist accumulator       Oil Mist Accumulator – Oil Mist Accumulation System

NOTE: The standard unit is designed to be installed vertically. However US DUCT also offers a horizontal unit. The horizontal unit incorporates a sump in the side of the unit. See photo below.

Oil Mist Accumulator – Oil Mist Accumulation System


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