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 Quiet is the audible side of 'green'. More and more attention is being paid to the impact of noise- on neighbors and workers. Everyone who has ever worked around a noise producer only to have it suddenly cut off and then experienced the 'quiet', understands the impact of noise on production.

Exhaust from fans and/or dust collectors can be worrisome noise that bothers neighbors and 'drains' employees.

US Duct's Silencers are designed and fabricated to provide the ultimate straightening of air, absorbance of noise and the desired 'silencing' of air.

NOTE: The noise from exhaust air is the result of turbulence in the air. There are many factors that impact this. The fan's design and the design of the fan and system can create turbulence. A longer length of the duct exiting the fan can serve to 'straighten' out the fan just as a shorter length may not allow for straightening. Elbows and transitions (especially short or poorly designed transitions) can also cause turbulence. And while US Duct's silencers are very effective at straightening the air and absorbing the noise, it is impossible to provide data that will apply to all situation as every situation is different. Under severe situations, a second silencer may need to be added to control and eliminate the noise/turbulence.


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