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Transitions and Special Hoods

ducting hoodEvery duct system requires transitions or special hoods; transitions to the collector or that special machine that just won't take a standard adapter. Therefore, it is not enough that you choose a supplier that can provide you with standard duct components. You must find an Industrial Duct Supplier that understands metal, how it works in the fabrication process, and how air flows in collection systems. This requires a unique combination of experience, knowledge and willingness to help. This requires US Duct!

With more experience and know how than anyone else, US Duct can not only fabricate your special transitions, but provide you with expert consultation to determine just what you and your customer needs.  We may not have done it all in our 40 years of experience, but we certainly done enough to address even the 'new' things that you have.




Transitions and Special Hoods



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