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Flex Hose for Dust Collection

Making the connections between machinery and other components often requires utilizing a flexible hose. US Duct offers a full line of flex hose options including:

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Two of our most common flex hose options are:

Clear Thermoplastic Multi Use Flex Hose

All extruded, molecularly bonded urethane duct with encapsulated wire offers maximum abrasion resistance and superior tear resistance/tensile strength.  Molecularly bonded construction reduces turbulence for maximum flow efficiency.
Encapsulated wire protects surfaces from scuffing. Manufactured with FDA approved materials.


  • Sawdust collection
  • Lavatory waste
  • Pellet, material transfer
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Abrasion, oil, ozone and fungus


  • Product code: 9SFTPUX
  • 9SFTPUW (with wire) 
  • Material: 0.030” clear extruded urethane 
  • Diameters: 1.5” to 24” 
  • Weight: 6” I.D.= 0.84 lbs/ft 
  • Lengths: 25 & 50 ft. to 8” diam., 25’-10” diam. and up 
  • Compression Ratio: 2:1 
  • Temperature range:–65°F to +200°F 
  • Color: Clear with clear helix 

    *(available with and without encapsulated wire) 

Static Dissipating Urethane Duct (Wall gauge 0.030")

Manufactured using inherently dissipating urethane permanently protects against electrostatic discharge. The static dissipating material with the wire helix allows for safe grounding when used with metallic fittings. 

Excellent flexibility with maximum abrasion and superior tear resistance and high tensile strength. The special molecular bonded construction generates less turbulence. Clear construction for visual monitoring and maximum flow efficiency. Lightweight and extremely flexible. Will perform under the toughest conditions. Manufactured from FDA approved material.  


  • Plastics processing, dust and shavings
  • Woodworking equipment
  • Plant debris collection
  • Dust collection
  • Material handling


  • Temperature range: –65°F to 200°F
  • Lengths: 25 & 50 ft
  • Sizes: 2” to 12” (larger diameters available, please contact the factory)
  • Compression ratio: 2:1

    *Conductivity of hose should be tested regularly. Test with OHMS meter using conductive fittings inserted into each end of hose


Flex Hose for Industrial Duct Applications

Static Dissipating Flex Hose


Flex Hose for Industrial Duct Applications

Clear-Thermoplastic Flex Hose

Flex Hose

Standard, Light Duty Material Handling

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