Chemical Processing

US Tubing’s systems have several advantages when used in the chemical processing industry.

Airtight Construction 

The airtight construction of US Tubing is appropriate for positive or negative conveying to +/- 277” WG (10 psi or 0.69 bar). The fully-welded system mitigates contamination in negative systems and product leakage in positive systems, and prohibits rainwater or snow from being drawn into the system.

Modular System Design

US Tubing is designed to be modular and easy to install. The clamp and gasket system allows for fast installation, easy reconfiguration, and trouble-free replacement of worn parts. 

US Tubing is available in 304 or 316 stainless steel to fight corrosion. Custom coatings are also available to further protect the ductwork and provide an additional layer of safety. Our standard gaskets are conductive to avoid static build up, but we will also offer optional grounding lugs and strips if needed. Metal sizing options from 4" to 18" diameters are available, along with wear-parts to alleviate abrasion issues. Larger sizes are available with the standard flange.