Airtight Quick-Connect Ductwork

US Tubing’s Clamp-Connect System is Modular, Fully-Welded, Airtight

US Tubing Air Tight Duct Seal

We can provide a tighter duct option: US Tubing is a laser welded, airtight duct in a clamp connection style. If you are familiar with popular European tubing products, you'll understand the value of a truly strong, airtight clamping connection. But because our tubing product is made right here in the USA, there are no overseas shipping delays and you can get even custom products in days — not weeks.

The components (pipes, branches, elbows, etc.) are standard 20 gauge metal (galvanized, stainless steel, painted) with a range of 22 to 16 gauge available upon request. The pipe comes in standard 59" lengths which can be easily clamp-connected together to produce long runs. An optional adjustable sleeve pipe allows for field adjustments. US Tubing's airtight ducting provides the tightness of a flange and gasket seal with the convenience of a clamp together connection system.