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Industrial Cyclone Separators

Improve Filtration Performance

Contrary to the thoughts of many, industrial cyclones are still viable options for many industrial applications that commonly challenge bag houses and cartridge filters. When the air stream is heavy with debris, large particulate or abrasive material, the filtration process can be very taxing on bag-houses and other filter systems. Cyclones are particularly effective at removing large and/or abrasive material and large amounts of material prior to the final filtration of the air by a bag house or cartridge filter. Cyclones can improve system performance, reduce maintenance time and extend filter life by removing significant amounts of particulate from the stream before it arrives at the filter.

Industrial Cyclone Fabrication Features:

  • An economical solution to a wide range of dust collection problems
  • Excellent for high dust load, high temperature and product recovery applications
  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with bag houses, cartridge systems, etc.
  • Heavy duty construction for long life
  • Optional removable cone for easy replacement

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