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Spark Trap, the Industrial Spark Arrestor

Our patented Industrial Spark Arrestor & Spark Cooler

Spark Trap Patent 10,119,443

Spark Trap, industrial spark arrestor

Proven Benefits

  • Proven Spark Mitigation
  • Greatly reduced damage to filter media
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Zero footprint/space requirement
  • Easy installation: no factory tech or calibration required
  • Works in vertical or horizontal position
  • No secondary dust accumulation point
  • No distance installation requirements (can be placed at the collector)

Perfect for Horizontal or Vertical Installation!

US Duct continues to solve problems for the industry through the introduction of smart, simple solutions like the new series of spark traps and industrial spark arrestors for existing or new collection systems.

The Spark Arrestor PROBLEM: The industry needed a simple and cost effective means of reducing sparks from grinding, welding, and cutting applications so as to protect the worker as well as the existing dust collection system. Many industrial dust collectors have caught on fire over the years due to the absence of some kind of method of reducing the sparks. Many times, protection was left off due to cost - very few ductwork suppliers have the ability to handle both design and fabrication work in-house, and the typically high price of spark coolers reflected this.



“I was surprised at how much grit was in the bucket.  
There's a Grecon system just past the trap & it has not activated. It's been running about two months.”

-Val Argyle, Engineered Air Systems


Our Spark Arrestor SOLUTION: As one of the few providers of both in-house ductwork design services and fabrication, US Duct was uniquely positioned to provide a patented* industrial spark arrestor solution. By blending our knowledge of air flow dynamics and years of experience with sheet metal duct fabrications, we're proud to offer a high quality, cost effective spark trap that can reduce the risk of fire in many industrial applications.

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Click below to view a video of our spark trap in action:



 HOW IT WORKS: Through the use of a 'vaned' cone that sits in the inlet reducer, the spark-laden air is forced to the outside of the chamber while the vanes cause a simultaneous swirling action. The outlet duct is inserted into the unit so that it sits directly behind the cone.


In considering this, it is important to realize that a spark traveling in a moving air stream is essentially traveling with the air at a relative speed of zero. This is, in fact, less speed than it encounters when "sailing" in ambient air, and is the reason that a spark can carry further once in the duct. The extreme turbulence and the time in which the spark is held in the turbulence accounts for the effectiveness of the unit. While no industrial spark arrestor or trap, including US Duct's, can guarantee 100% extinguishing, the goal is to provide reduction and limit risk.

Other units on the market have relied on swirling the air. In fact those units are also sold as air mixers for mixing gases or hot/cold air in a system so as to cool the air. When used as spark traps, they specifically state that you must place them a certain distance before the collector. This is because they are depending on the swirling action AFTER the unit to complete the extinguishing. HOWEVER, like stated above, the spark is traveling ‘with the air’ and not necessarily encountering the turbulence (blowing action) that is required to burn the ember/spark out. Our unit does all the extinguishing in the chamber because we tumble the air, requiring it to reverse on itself twice. See the drawing. For this reason you can put the trap right on the inlet to the collector. Because of the sizing of the chamber, as long as you stay under ~3500 FPM you should not see more that a .8” (8/10) additional pressure drop. The pressure goes up exponentially after that. 

WHY US DUCT SPARK ARRESTORS?: As a design group and experienced sheet metal fabricator, US Duct is able to provide spark traps of the highest quality at a price that the vast majority of ductwork suppliers cannot match. By combining our understanding of dust collection and air dynamics with our in-house fabrication, US Duct retains build and performance quality while simultaneously passing along the price savings to our customers. The result is a spark trap that works and is highly cost effective.


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