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Clamp Together Duct


The Quick Connect, Quick Assembly, No-Weld Ductwork


Clamp Together DuctingAt US Duct we know more about Clamp Together Duct than anyone. (see our profile) Available in sizes 3”-24”, in galvanized and SS, in standard and heavy (up to 10) gauge. We provide ALL components and special fittings. The system is infinitely adjustable with adjustment capability built into EVERY fitting. While Clamp Together Duct is often the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to address dust/mist collection, it is often best used in conjunction with other connection methods as dictated by application or duct size. Our extensive knowledge will enable you to get the best solution- for the application AND the money using the duct that fits the application best.


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FUN FACT: Did you know Clamp Together Duct CAN be used for oil mist application? Read about it on our Frequently Asked Questions page, or watch the video as we install a sealing gasket on our clamp together duct.


Clamp Together Duct

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