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Ductwork Design Services

Custom Duct Design Services

At US Duct, ductwork design is a key part of operation. Our goal is to please our customers, so we understand how important it is for us to supply everything you need for your custom duct design. Since we provide everything, you can count on a smooth installation experience. As a supplier, we recognize how critical it is for our services to completely satisfy.

In addition to offering everything you need for your ductwork, we are committed to giving you all of the necessary information for installing your custom duct system. We make sure that our duct designs work every time; plus, we do everything we can to ensure that the whole installation process is easy for you.

From design to installation—an expert Duct Guy can guide your project to success

Ductwork can be costly, so we offer our customers a number of free design services. Imagine that you could walk around your facility and see the duct system BEFORE you buy. Well with US Duct you actually can. By incorporating our interactive 3D design service, Duct Quote, and the online conferencing capability of LogMeIn’s GoToMeeting, we will take your building dimensions, machine placement, air requirements, and dust collector specifications and turn it all into a simple duct system that you can review with us through an interactive 3D model BEFORE you buy. This helps you think through your needs, the equipment and addresses issues up front - not after you get the duct. The interactive 3D drawing is available for you to share with your customer - it's a great sales aid!

For more information about our extensive duct design offerings, visit our DuctQuote page and learn more about this 3D Design service and software.

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