Explosion Isolation Valves

One of the toughest back-blast valves on the market!

US Duct offers one of the toughest, certified and capable back-blast valves on the market! This Flap Valve, otherwise called a back blast valve or isolation valve, is a NFPA 69 compliant passive flap style isolation valve. When a dust explosion begins to propagate down a duct line the flap valve automatically closes from the pressure of the explosion. The flap valve remains shut and is designed to prevent any flame from further propagation. 

An explosion is not limited to a single element and process, even when protective measures such as the installation of explosion vents have been made, it can spread to other facilities via its filter inlet ductwork. The propagation of an explosion down such ductwork can lead to disastrous events. Normally a single filter serves to extract dust from more than one location hence many plant items could be affected and damaged by an explosion within the filter unit.

Download the Isolation Valve Spec Sheet