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US Duct partners with Clean Air America and Gets a WIN for the Customer!


Clean air in Georgia

For one of its customers, Clean Air America engineered modular systems that handle a combined total air volume of 153,000 cfm. With its heating and cooling costs at about $2.00/cfm and $3.00/cfm, respectively, the customer stood to save up to $300,000 annually by filtering and returning plant air as opposed to exhausting it to the outside.

The customer, F&P Georgia Corp. in Rome, Ga., manufactures vehicle parts for companies such as Honda and Nissan. Its turnkey Clean Air America industrial air filtration ventilation system consists of hoods in front of US Duct’s quick-clamp-style ducting, modular preformed hoods for welding cells, and dust collectors for shop-air filtration in the 144,000-ft 2 facility. Dust collectors are on a service mezzanine above the plant floor to conserve space, reduce sound, and keep them out of the way of the plant's working technicians. Clean Air America’s down flow technology created another success.

Clean Air America, Inc. is proud to use US Duct for fabrication and installation projects, as US Duct functions as a personal sheet metal fabrication shop for Clean Air.  Our engineers draw it, and US Duct builds it in their fully equipped, 34,000 square foot shop.

NOTE: Clean Air America’s dust collector equipment for F&P's Honda welding cells consists of three 48-cartridge filter units, while the Nissan cell has three 18-cartridge units and one Weld Station 5. For another Honda cell, the company uses a modular system with two 48-cartridge filter units and two 24-cartridge ones. Twenty-six preformed modular hood systems fit to the robotic cell's walls.

Clamp Together Duct by US Duct
Clamp Together Duct by US Duct

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