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Sell More Duct With US Duct

When you succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple. When you think about it, we’re all in business to do business. Here’s how we can help you sell more ductwork.

Top Reasons To Sell With US Duct!

  1. Dedicated Technical Support – You get your very own Duct Guy here at US Duct. A trained, expert ductwork professional to help you with your questions, quotes, specifications, sales presentations and communications. 
  2. More Ductwork Options – Whatever you run into in the field, we have a ductwork solution for you.
    Three different connection options: clamp together rolled-lip, clamp together air-tight tubing, flange connections
    Special Solution Products: Oil Mist Accumulators and Curbs, No-Loss Exhaust Stacks, Rain caps, Patented Spark Trap, Silencers, etc.
    Custom Fabrications: Unique hoods, fan transitions, one of a kind parts
  3. Dependable Delivery – To you or directly to your customer. On time or the freight is free*!
  4. FREE Drawing/Quoting Software – Use our free to you online drawing software and create 3D drawings and quotes for Rolled Lip and US Tubing ducting systems. One click generates a BOM from the drawing and a “Order of Install” sheet for making mistake free installations. 
  5. Marketing Support – Our marketing team can customize spec sheets, sample labels and installation instructions to your company by adding your logo and contact info to the materials. Optimized photos and content for your website! Free for you as a US Duct customer. We’ll even add you to our lead distribution list.
  6. Fun – we do like to enjoy our work so, there’s that too. Grab a US Duct-Duck calendar or follow the frivolity on LinkedIn for a daily dose of fun and helpful content. 

Interested? Let’s do this! Sell More Duct with US Duct!


*freight delivery timing based on most recent delivery update provided by US Duct. If the freight is late because of our error or the carrier's fault, we'll refund the cost of the freight. 

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