Dust Collection Pipe

Planning for new machines and projects involves sourcing duct that removes dust and debris from the workspace. US Duct manufactures pipe for all of your dust extraction and collection needs. Stainless and galvanized pipe keeps work environments clean and safe. With metal ductwork in a variety of sizes and connection types, we are able to provide the right dust collection pipe for your project.

Types of Metal Duct

  • Clamp Together Duct — A rolled lip ductwork system, this quick-fit duct is infinitely adjustable.
  • Flanged Duct — Made in Vanstone and welded variants, this is a bolt-connected ductwork type.
  • Airtight US Tubing — For leak-proof projects, this clamp-connected pipe is fully capable.

An Alternative to PVC for Woodworking

Dust extraction projects can be built with PVC or metal pipe. While PVC can be cheaper, steel duct is more durable and easier to install. Woodworkers know the annoying static buildup that comes with PVC pipe. With metal ductwork, this isn’t an issue.

Components used with Dust Collection Pipe

US Duct goes beyond ductwork and fittings by manufacturing components that complete the entire dust collection system. From the flex duct and transitions at the machine to the components after the fan, we can help you price and build your projects. Take a look at our fabricated ductwork components.