Industrial Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Systems

US Duct specializes in designing and fabricating industrial ventilation systems. Our specialists work with a wide range of clients, with unique applications and requirements for ventilation solutions. This experience translates into cost-effective systems that can be easily modified and adapted as the process grows or changes.

US Duct produces ducting and related industrial ventilation products built to collect and clean the workplace environment of dust, mist, and fumes. Our ductwork design specialists will work with your facilities manager to identify specific needs, requirements, and layouts/measurements. Based on these specifications, US Duct can identify the most effective solution and provide a quote. Our industrial ventilation systems are designed and fabricated in-house to ensure that the air is cleaned effectively.

When Is A Ventilation System Needed?

A properly designed ventilation system involves the integration of multiple disciplines – some academic, others requiring management direction and personnel/process changes. Typically, the need for addressing the ventilation system in a plant arises when dusts, fumes, or chemical concentrations in the air become a safety hazard. These concentrations can reach a level that introduces the possibility of explosion, flame, or reduces the oxygen level below acceptable limits.

In these situations, the ventilation system must accomplish the following:

  • Provide fresh conditioned air
  • Process changes involving personnel, materials, and equipment
  • Substitute clean air for dirty
  • Substitute process materials used (chemicals for example)
  • Isolate contaminated air
  • Remove dust or fumes