Metalworking and Machining

US Tubing Advantages for Metalworking and Machining

The airtight seals and overall specifications of US Tubing’s modular/clamp and flange-connect systems are particularly well suited for coolants, lubricants, and other wet collection applications. Its modular construction means fast installation, easy cleaning and trouble-free system reconfiguration. 

  • Construction is airtight thanks to the use of flat-lip gaskets and full welds that eliminate liquid leakage when the system is running and when it is switched off.
  • US Tubing is appropriate for positive or negative conveying to +/- 277” WG (10 psi or 0.69 bar).
  • Metal sizing options from 4" to 18" diameters with easy-to-change wear parts are available, but larger sizes are available with standard flange.