Clamp Together Duct FAQs – Part 2 of 3

Kim Williams | June 1, 2015

more clamp together duct faqsClamp Together Duct FAQs – Part 2 of 3

Even though Clamp Together Duct has been around for a number of years now, the industrial duct work industry is still learning about the many benefits of a fast and easy ductwork system. We get asked questions daily about our Clamp Together Duct system and thought it would be a helpful idea to share some of those here on the US Duct blog. This is part 2 of a 3 part series on the 15 most frequently asked questions about Clamp Together Duct and help you understand how powerful this product can be for you and your customers.

  1. Will it work for my application? More than likely. Whether collecting fume or heavy particulate, paper trim or fine dust, Clamp Together duct provides the options you need. Wood chips, abrasives, high velocities, and pressures are all handled by the variety of gauges and sizes available for the duct, elbows, branches and other accessories.
  2. I have another kind of duct now. How can I add clamp together duct to my existing dust collection system? Easily. US Duct makes adapters and connectors to transition virtually any type of existing duct to Clamp Together Duct. If you are repairing or adding sections to your existing system, US Duct can help you design those sections to use Clamp Together Duct and make your installation and ongoing maintenance a breeze!
  3. Since the duct comes in 5’ sections, how do I adjust the length? The heart of the clamp together system is the ability to cut the pipe and incorporate either an 11” adjustable sleeve or a standard fitting to receive that cut end of pipe. Once the pipe is slid into the sleeve or the fitting to create the length needed, the standard clamp secures the pipe to the rolled lip of the sleeve or fitting by clamping it using an O-ring. Precision cutting is not needed.
  4. What about using slide gates? Clamp Together Duct works wonderfully with a wide variety of gates (full cut-offs, ½ cut-offs, blast gates, air tight gates, auto gates) and any of them can be added using the simple clamp together system. The housings of these products, and all our accessories, are designed with rolled lips, or we can provide adapters for the gates you have.
  5. Does it work with flex hoses? Absolutely!  We make a wide variety of transitions and adapters to allow connections with hoses. We supply hoses, as well, specializing in heavier flex hose (to handle high abrasives) and steel flex hose as well as static dissipating hose.

Join us next week for the last post in our 3 part Clamp Together Duct FAQ series. We’ll tackle this questions: 1. How long does it take to get Clamp Together Duct? 2. How skilled do I have to be to install it? 3. How do I hang it? 4. Do I need another supplier for transitions, hoods, gates, manifolds? 5. I don’t know that much about Clamp Together Duct. How do I know what to order?

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