Duct Guys Take Part in Duct System Install

Liz Wallace | July 27, 2021

Recently, our sales team had the opportunity to take part in a duct system install at the new US Duct - Archdale location. We caught up with Melissa Clark and Tyler Evers after the experience to learn more about what they were installing and what they learned through the experience.


Q: Can you explain what you were installing at the new US Duct - Archdale facility?


Tyler Evers Duct Guy Head shot

Tyler: "Several new metal fabrication machines were being set up there, and the metal fumes that are produced from the machines have to get extracted. We were installing the collection system to remove the fumes properly and safely."


Q: You work in sales - what were you doing taking part in an install?


Melissa Clark Duct Guy Head shotMelissa: "The more we learn about US Duct products, the more confident we will be when working with customers to help them get exactly what they need. In doing training experiences like these, we are working towards becoming well-rounded experts in the duct products we sell."


Q: What did you learn from this hands-on experience?


Tyler Evers Duct Guy Head shotTyler: "I have learned that installation is very tough work - even more so than I imagined! Everything doesn't always go as planned, and so modifications and adjustments often must be made in the field. I also experienced first-hand the ease of installing clamp-together duct. It is a serious time-saver - you don't have to be as exact as you would with flanged duct, and having the adjustable sleeves in the field helps to adjust quickly where it's needed."

Melissa Clark Duct Guy Head shotMelissa: "To reiterate what Tyler said, we learned how much faster clamp together duct truly is than flanged, and how easy it is to connect rolled lip to flanged using our adapters. I also learned just how critical it is to have all the parts at the time of install. Missing parts kill time, delays the install and burns money. Taking part in an install also helps us understand system design better and what things to look out for when designing a system that could create issues in the field during the installation process."


Q: With the firsthand experience you now have, how will you use it to serve your customers better?


Tyler Evers Duct Guy Head shotTyler: "This training experience has improved my ability to visualize a system design better now that I've seen firsthand how it works, which will help remind me to ask my customers about obstructions that could cause an issue when installing the system. That way we can potentially plan for them and won't have any surprises onsite on the day of install. I have a better understanding now of what pain points our customers experience in the field, which ultimately helps me serve them better so we can remove as many of those headaches as possible so everything goes smoothly."


Duct Guys install system in Archdale