How DuctQuote Helps You Sell More Ductwork

June 29, 2021

Our DuctQuote 3D drawing software is a powerful tool for planning out dust extraction layouts. This layout is great material for getting client buy-in of the design and bill of materials.

When used correctly, DuctQuote can help you win more bids and sell easier.

Managing Multiple Projects and Layouts

You can view projects with the project list in DuctQuote. From this list, you can create, delete or change projects. The list is searchable, so you can find exactly what you need. There are nearly 20 fields to specify details about your project, but when you get started, only two are required:

  • Project name: You (or your company) should consider a naming convention that's meaningful so you can keep track of projects easily. Internally, we use a quote ID that allows us to identify who and when a quote was created.
  • State/Province: This field is required, but there is an "unknown" option if you are hesitant to provide this information.

A Tip on DuctQuote Layouts


Collaborating in DuctQuote

Working with others in your company is easy with DuctQuote. When you create your login on DuctQuote, you will belong to a company profile. Every member of a company will be able to collaborate on each other’s work. This shared access can help you get your designs done faster. If you run into any issues, your Duct Guy has access to your projects as well and is available to provide assistance.

Formatting Your Proposal

Once you’ve finished your design, clicking "Process" makes DuctQuote automatically produce a bill of materials. Everything — including sleeves, clamps, branches, and fittings — is tallied up and prepared to view in a proposal.

To expedite finishing your proposal, use the selectable options at the top of the proposal page. This includes being able to toggle the Project Data, Calculation Results, and Duct Pressure Details. You can control whether or not the Quote section appears, and even determine which sub-sections of the Quote section appear, including weight and freight estimates.


Making the Ductwork Sale

A detailed ductwork system drawing can potentially make the difference between winning and losing a bid. DuctQuote provides you with tools for speeding up the design process, so you can sell faster and with confidence.

If you're ready to get started (for free), register for DuctQuote and a Duct Guy will help you get started.

Steve Rayburn, US Duct's DuctQuote coach and duct design expertYou've got enough things to worry about. Duct design shouldn't be one of them.

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