Spark Trap — The Spark Arrestor for Your Dust Collector

Kim Williams | November 1, 2021

What's the Problem with Sparks?

Cartoon of a person trying to blow out a fire in their industrial dust collection system and saying, "This isn't going to work."Where do we even begin? Sparks and embers from grinding, welding, and cutting applications may be small, but they can make their way through ductwork and create flame and explosion hazards. As you can imagine — flames, explosions, and fires are not good.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), municipal fire departments responded to an estimated average of over 4,500 structure fires per year between 2014–2018 that involved equipment associated with hot work like welding, cutting, soldering, and heat-treating equipment. 

How Can You Reduce Sparks from Grinding, Cutting, and Welding?

For years, the best solutions for reducing sparks have been highly regulated and costly flame detection and extinguishing systems. These systems are effective but expensive. In fact, many dust collectors have caught fire over the years because this additional protection is left off due to cost. 

But that's where US Duct's patented Spark Trap comes in.

Our Spark Trap is a simple, cost-effective solution that extinguishes sparks before they enter the ductwork. The design uses a vaned cone, which creates a swirling action through the air. This extreme turbulence does two things:

  1. Extends the amount of time the spark remains in the trap
  2. Exposes the spark to more oxygen

This environment is more conducive to extinguishing sparks and embers.


Inline Spark Traps are an Affordable, Useful Solution!

As one of the most versatile and experienced sheet metal fabrication companies in the country, US Duct was uniquely positioned to provide a solution. By blending our knowledge of airflow dynamics and years of experience, we’re proud to offer a high-quality, cost-effective spark trap that can reduce the risk of fire in many industrial applications.

For more information about our patented Spark Traps, get in touch with a Duct Guy.