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Clamp Together Ducting


(Clamp Together Duct - Rolled Lip Ducting - compatible with all major brands of quick, rolled-lip, connecting ducting)


 Our Laser Welded Clamp Together Ducting (CTD) is a ducting system that incorporates a gasketed, over-center clamp to draw together and seal the rolled lip formed on the end of ALL components.

The system is available in galvanized and SS material. Standard gauges range from 18-24 gauge with the rolled lip formed directly onto the pipe- as an integral part of the pipe. The system is also available in gauges up to 10 gauge. In this configuration a separate collar is used on the end of the pipe and fitted to the pipe the same as if it were a fitting.

The Clamp Together Ducting system is infinitely adjustable, owing to the use of an adjustable sleeve and the adjustable collar found on each fitting. This feature, combined with the clamping action greatly reduces installation time so as to be 70% faster than standard spiral or flanged duct. Read more about the advantages of clamp together duct.

Elbows of multiple styles, branches, cut-offs, reducers, adapters and hoods are all fitted with the adjustable collars to further speed the installation.

We can fabricate ANY hood, or ANY adapter with the collar.

US Duct will provide you with a complete 3D drawing of your duct system PRIOR to ordering so that you can be assured that you are getting what you need. We will even review it with you over the internet where we can interface with you as you look at the system. THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO VIEW YOUR SYSTEM BEFORE YOU BUY.  

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Clamp Together Pipe and Over Center Clamp

Adjustable Sleeve

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