Airtight Ductwork for Grain Processing

US Tubing Systems for Processing Flour, Grains, Salt and Sugar

Our US Tubing system is a superior solution for dust collection, positive and negative pneumatic conveying, and gravity spouting when it comes to processing flour, grains, salt and sugar.

  • Appropriate for positive or negative conveying to +/- 277” WG (10 psi or 0.69 bar).
  • Prevents snow or rainwater from being drawn into system.
  • Metal options include galvanized and painted carbon steel as well as 304 and 316 stainless steel. Metal sizing options from 4" to 18" diameters with easy-to-change wear parts are available. Larger sizes are available with standard flange.
  • Modular Construction means fast installation, easy maintenance and trouble-free system reconfiguration.
  • Smooth interior prevents clogs.

Product Considerations:

  • Products can be relatively abrasive
  • Lumping/caking/friability/clogging/hydroscopic properties of solids
  • Possible electrostatic charging
  • Combustibility