Air Flow - Where You Need It, When You Need It

March 27, 2024

air where you need it

There are numerous reasons why controlling airflow is critical to the performance of a dust collection system.

  1. Maximize the power of a fan by only directing air where you need it at any given time. As your system grows and needs to service more machines and pick-up points, you may consider needing a more powerful or additional fan. However, before you do, evaluate the system and determine if you can redirect or shut off portions of the system to allow the fan to continue to provide adequate CFM.
  2. Cutting off air to idle machines. There is no need to waste air when a machine isn’t operating. Using cut-offs, gates, or diverter valves(manual or automatic) can eliminate air loss and redirect air to where you need it, keeping CFM high and saving money.
  3. Venting changes. Seasonal changes or operational variances may require a change in airflow pattern or route. Don’t miss the opportunity to manage the flow based on your changing needs.

US Duct makes various products designed to help you manage your airflow – always getting air where you need it when you need it!

Take control of your dust collector system airflow. Contact US Duct today.