Clamp Together Duct – The Better, Faster, Easier Duct!

April 2, 2015

ctdCall it what you want – rolled lip, clamp together, fast ducting – the number one reason tens of thousands of people have chosen Clamp Together Duct is speed of installation. But speed of installation is really the result of several features of the duct that make is so easy for anyone: It’s adjustable, seals tight and the simplest of ducts to install.

Infinitely Adjustable – In other types of duct work connections (coupler, flange, welded) the duct has to be cut exactly to fit, and a miss-cut or wrong measurement can result in wasted material and installation time. Duct’s Clamp Together Ducting is infinitely adjustable by using the simple 11″ adjustable sleeve and the adjustable collar found on the end of each fitting. To utilize this feature you follow the simple steps. View our Clamp Together Duct video below to learn more about the heart of the clamp together system – the adjustable sleeve! Or find step-by-step instructions on our Clamp Together Duct adjustability web page.

clamp together duct sleeveThe Rolled Lip and Clamp – When designing a duct system, you might be asking about connection types. Should I clamp, rivet, weld or bolt it together? If you want to save time and money, Clamp Together Duct is 70% faster and seals tight. The rubber gasket inside the clamp and an optional adhesive gasket work together to pull the rolled ends together quickly and tightly. Don’t believe us? Get a sample and try yourself!

Anyone can do it – Fact is, both self-installers and contractors love the product because it is so simple. US Duct will provide you with simple, easy to follow “A” to “B” drawings of your specific system. Large or small systems are installed quick and easy, saving you and your customer time, money with ease. In fact, most applications are perfect for Clamp Together. Unsure if it is right for your application? We can offer you design and selection help – in most cases – FREE!



US Duct has more experience in Clamp Together Duct than anyone else in the industry. We know duct. We REALLY know Clamp Together Duct!

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