Clamp Together Duct Fittings – An Adjustable Secret

Kim Williams | April 13, 2016

US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct Allows for Adjustment in the Fittings

If you’re familiar with a clamp together duct product, then you already know how quickly it installs. Just by using the adjustable sleeve , you can simply and quickly adjust the length of your ductwork runs during the installation process. AND, did you know that US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct System allows you to use the rolled-lip collar of all fittings to adjust the length, as well?

rolled lip fittings


Every rolled lip branch, elbow, reducer, transition, gate and hood (every fitting) has approximately 3 inches of the collar that can receive a piece of cut pipe. Just cut that section of pipe about 2 inches longer than you need to meet the fitting, place an o-ring onto the pipe and slide it into the fitting collar. Clamp the o-ring and the collar and – DONE!

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