Clamp Together Duct Fittings – An Adjustable Secret

Kim Williams | April 5, 2021

US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct Allows for Adjustment in the Fittings

If you’re familiar with a Clamp Together Duct product, then you already know that it is:

  • Generally compatible with other rolled lip products
  • So easy, anyone can install the system with ease
  • The quickest ducting connection system to install

Adjustable Sleeve

Just by using the adjustable sleeve, you can simply and quickly adjust the length of your ductwork runs during the installation process. The 11" sleeve slides over the 5' pipe, creating a telescoping effect that gives installers the flexibility to adjust the length. It also eliminates the need to precisely measure and cut each run of ductwork, since the sleeve can be positioned exactly where it's needed.

Rolled Lip Fittings 

Did you know that US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct System allows you to use the rolled-lip collar of all fittings to adjust the length, as well?

EVERY fitting has approximately 3 inches of the collar that can receive a piece of the cut pipe. We offer:

To isntall and adjust, simply cut that section of pipe about 2 inches longer than you need to meet the fitting, place an o-ring onto the pipe and slide it into the fitting collar. Clamp the o-ring and the collar and — DONE!

rolled lip fittings

For more information on adjustable fittings and US Duct’s Clamp Together Duct system, reach out to a Duct Guy today.

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Everything you need to know about Clamp Together DuctEverything You Need to Know About Clamp Together Duct

Clamp Together Duct has become a go-to ductwork system for many industrial applications, but many are still learning about the benefits of this fast and easy ductwork system. If you're a novice or interested in expanding your knowledge of the system — we've got your back.

From how it works to what applications it works best in, this guide gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about Clamp Together Duct (and some information you probably didn’t want or need).

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