Is Clamp Together Ducting Right For You?

Kim Williams | December 12, 2014

Clamp together ducting is probably the quickest and easiest method for solving dust, fume, and fine mist collection. Available in 3 inch to 24 inch sizes, it’s manufactured in both standard and heavy gauge galvanized and stainless steel. What makes clamp together duct so great? It can be used primarily or in conjunction with other connection methods suitable for a specific application or per duct size.

The over-center latch draws the specially contoured band securely around the rolled lips of the ducting components and seals them tightly. It can be used long term or short term – remove it from one location to reuse in another without having to remove rivets, screws, tape, or welds. This makes installation, removal, and clean-outs a breeze. Because it can be moved and reused, it makes changing floor plans and replacing machinery a walk in the park.

Where can you find clamp together ducting being used? In such industries as agricultural (feed dust), automotive (paint and vehicle exhaust fumes), boat building (paint and dust), concrete / cement (masonry dust), chemical & food processing (oil and fine mist), furniture & woodworking (wood dust and lacquer fumes), metalworking (metal shavings), mining (rock dust and dirt), textiles (yarns and micro fibers). Some of the materials collected by clamp together duct include, but are not limited to, flour, metal shavings, printer toner dust, cocoa powder, carbon black, and paint fumes.

Here are a few applications in which you’ll find clamp together ducting accommodates the substance being collected creating quality air for employees:

Woodworking (cabinet shops, furniture plants, board processing) – multiple machines with varied configurations require a ducting system that is not only fast and economical to install, but one that can also be easily modified as changes are made to workflow or new machinery is added.

Plastics – clamp together ducting provides fast and easy installation, speeding the job of cleaning out.

Metal fabrication – in conjunction with our spark trap, clamp together ducting provides a safer working environment when dealing with hazardous or combustible materials.

You should never use clamp together ducting for transporting liquids, even in minimal amounts, or to convey dust that is under positive pressure because leakage will occur. For these types of applications, US Duct provides flanged duct and appropriate gaskets.