Is Clamp Together Ducting Right For You?

Kim Williams | March 26, 2021

Clamp Together Ducting is probably the quickest and easiest method for solving dust, fume, and fine mist collection. What makes clamp together duct so great? It can be used primarily or in conjunction with other connection methods suitable for a specific application or per duct size.

Clamp Together Duct is a versatile ducting system that's suitable for a variety of ventilation systems. Whether it's dust, fine particulate, or fumes that need to be captured and extracted from a workplace, Clamp Together Duct is likely the best solution.

When to Use Clamp Together Duct

US Duct's Clamp Together Ductwork used in an industrial ventilation application.It can be used in industries, such as:

  • Agricultural (feed dust)
  • Automotive (paint and vehicle exhaust fumes, carbon black)
  • Boatbuilding (paint and dust),
  • Concrete and cement (masonry dust)
  • Chemical processing (oil and fine mist)
  • Food processing (flour, cocoa powder)
  • Furniture & woodworking (wood dust and lacquer fumes)
  • Metalworking (metal shavings)
  • Mining (rock dust and dirt)
  • Printing (toner dust)
  • Painting (fumes)
  • Textiles (yarns and microfibers)

Clamp Together Duct Applications

Here are a few applications in which you’ll find clamp together ducting accommodates the substance being collected creating quality air for employees:

Ductwork for Woodworking

In cabinet shops, furniture plants, and board processing, multiple machines with varied configurations require a ducting system that is not only fast and economical to install, but one that can also be easily modified as changes are made to workflow or new machinery is added.

Ductwork for Plastic

We know clamp together ducting provides fast and easy installation, but what about when ductwork needs to be disassembled or cleaned? Clamp Together Duct thanks to the quick fitting clamp and performance components like clean-out doors, the the job of cleaning out ductwork can be done quickly.

Ductwork for Metal Fabrication

In conjunction with our spark trap, Clamp Together Ducting provides a safer working environment when dealing with hazardous or combustible materials.

Why You Should Use Clamp Together Duct

Available in 3-inch to 24-inch sizes, Clamp Together Duct is manufactured in both standard and heavy gauge galvanized and stainless steel. The over-center latch draws the specially contoured band securely around the rolled lips of the ducting components and seals them tightly. It can be used long term or short term — remove it from one location to reuse in another without having to remove rivets, screws, tape, or welds. This makes installation, removal, and clean-outs a breeze. Because it can be moved and reused, it makes changing floor plans and replacing machinery a walk in the park (and easy on your wallet).

When NOT to Use Clamp Together Duct

You should never use Clamp Together Ducting for transporting liquids, even in minimal amounts, or to convey dust that is under positive pressure because leakage will occur. For these types of applications, US Duct provides flanged duct and appropriate gaskets or an airtight product called US-Tubing.

Is Clamp Together Ducting Right for You?

If you still aren't convinced that Clamp Together Duct is the right product for you and your customers, reach out to us. Our team of Duct Guys has the experience and industry knowledge to help you choose the best ductwork system for your application.

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Everything you need to know about Clamp Together DuctEverything You Need to Know About Clamp Together Duct

Clamp Together Duct has become a go-to ductwork system for many industrial applications, but many are still learning about the benefits of this fast and easy ductwork system. If you're a novice or interested in expanding your knowledge of the system — we've got your back.

From how it works to what applications it works best in, this guide gives you EVERYTHING you need to know about Clamp Together Duct (and some information you probably didn’t want or need).

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