Discover The Real Industrial Spark Trap!

Kim Williams | May 25, 2016

We’ve had a number of conversation of late with customers about the need for a better Industrial Spark Trap solution for dealing with welding, grinding and cutting table sparks. We made one, a real spark trap: affordable, effective and unique. Give our new video a watch or read about it below. When you compare spark traps, we you’ll learn the difference is on the INSIDE!


Sparks cause fires. Fires cost money, create high insurance premiums and sleepless nights. For those reasons, millions of dollars are spent each year in expensive spark detection and extinguishing systems, and when you have a lot of combustible material in the air stream – those systems are the best way to go. However, when your application is more related to sparks from metal grinding, cutting tables or welding – a spark trap is a great option…as long as it’s the right industrial spark trap.

spark trap problem

All spark traps aren’t created equal. Looking inside, the problem with most spark traps is they simply swirl the air. Many forget that the ember travels with the air, with a relative velocity of zero.

the inside of a spark trap matters


Well, that isn’t a problem anymore with US Duct’s new industrial spark trap. Its patent pending technology “tumbles” the ember though a “Tortuous Path” forcing contact with more oxygen, and allowing more time for the spark to burn out. Because of the custom cone and the outlet inset design, our spark trap effectively eliminates sparks before they can exit the trap and thus, it can be installed right at the dust collector, adding convenience and eliminating distance requirements!

the inside of the duct matters

Once extinguished, the bigger pieces of debris fall to the bottom of the trap and exit through a dropout chamber. Spark problem solved!
While a lot of spark traps may look the same on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

the inside of a spark trap

Know the difference and get the real Spark Trap from US Duct!